Derby Commercial Space is Coming Soon!

With “feet on the street” comes the need for retail and food service establishments to serve tenants, commuters, and downtown residence. Our goal is to make Downtown Derby a destination. Spaces will be built out to house a multitude of businesses. Our goal is to create a true community environment. Let’s get your business in on the ground floor!

OUR commercial spaces

Get in on the Ground Floor

commercial space

Our retail and commercial vision is two-fold. Serve the Derby community as a whole and the new Derby residents our project will attract. Bringing both together will create a successful downtown district that everyone can enjoy for years to come. A vibrant community!


With our first 215 units and more to come, develops a need for food service establishments. A Bistro with street-side dining, a coffee shop, perhaps a wine bar would fit right into the atmosphere we are creating for Downtown Derby. 

See floor plans and learn more about our Apartments in Downtown Derby.

Need help finding the perfect retail space? We are experts!

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